Constantin Stere Hall

Decorative material used mainly in making this hall is wood. Decorating the walls are made of groups of two narrow wooden columns and panels of silk. The upper room is a walnut coping with decorative brackets and elements inspired by classic style. The ceiling is made of decorative boxes made of patinated plaster stucco. Decorative parquet floor is the essence of oak, mahogany and maple. Room area is 500 square meters and its capacity of 155 seats, featuring intensive facility for conferences and booths for simultaneous translation.

By 2004, the hall was used for meetings and events organized by the International Conference Centre. After moving the Senate in the Parliament House, Constantin Stere hall became the main location for meetings, seminars and conferences. During of the eleventh Summit of the Francophonie (September 2006), this meeting took place in sections, and in April 2008, hosted the meeting room wives of heads of delegations attending the NATO Summit in Bucharest. In 2008, Constantin Stere takes place in the hall meetings of the Senate Standing Bureau.